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The problem with my mimosa.

Some humor for hummer watchers who have no ego.


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I first started trying to photograph hummingbirds in 2003 with on-camera flash, using the flash as the predominate light source. In 2004, I bought some cheap flash heads on eBay, made some foam core softboxes and began trying to get "portraits" of these little birds. This method immediately raised issues concerning the backgrounds that I am still trying to solve. My ongoing results are in the galleries below.

My Best Hummingbird Images

These are what I consider to be my best hummingbird photos. Prints for sale.

>> My 25 Best Shots

Hummingbird Photography

Some tips for shooting hummingbirds harmlessly


Mimosa Drinkers

Ah, the mimosa tree. Its the most dependable hummingbird draw in my yard.

>> mimosa drinkers gallery

Attracting Many Hummingbirds At Once

Includes a puzzle of sorts

>> many at once

Flashed Mimosa Drinkers

Same spot, next day, bright idea . . .

>> flashed mimosa drinkers gallery

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