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Hummingbird Photography

So, you want to photograph hummingbirds. Below are links to pages covering various aspects of photographing these little speedsters. Though you can simply go to the "Quick Start Guide" if you have not tried hummingbird photography before, you will likely benefit from the info on the other pages as they address the most common problems and misconceptions associated with this endeavor.

Basic answer to the question, "How do I freeze the wings?"

Of course the short answer is . . .

>> How to freeze the wings

Color: An explanation and its implications

How "iridescence" will affect your images.



Various Lighting Methods

At least, the four that I use to get varying types of shots.

>> Lighting methods

A comparison of photos using different lighting setups

For those of you who know all the other stuff, here are the photos . . .

>> Lighting comparison gallery

Tricks and Tips

A few ideas I have used, borrowed or stolen . . .

>> Posing your bird

Quick Start Guide

If you are a beginner and just want to know what to do, start here.

>>Quick Start Guide

One Shot

A detailed explanation of how I got one of my typical shots.

>>How I Got One Shot

Ghosting, causes and strategies to prevent it.

For those who want to use flash.


My 25 Best Images

An occasionally updated collection of the best images I have created with my setups. Buy a Print!

>>25 Best

Free Hummingbird Photo Desktop Background

Click on the link above or below, or on the photo to the left. When the image appears, right click on it and choose "Set as Background."

>>Free Desktop Background

Attracting Many Hummingbirds At Once

Includes a puzzle of sorts

>> many at once

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